Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Foodie Finds for Friday :: Euna Maes.

You guys!

Today’s foodie finds are more than just five adorable and wish-list products, they are tied to a lovely story about a granddaughter and her beloved grandmother, Euna Mae.  

Local NWA gal, Amy Nelson Hannon, opened an heirloom kitchen and home goods store in Springdale about two years ago. She named it after her grandma to preserve the memories, traditions, and creations she inspired. You see it in her online shop, in her cute little storefront, and all over her social media accounts. These five finds are what I would buy right now at ShopEunaMaes, today (if I could!).

Five foodie finds for Friday Euna Maes (c)nwafoodie

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

7 tips on hosting a multi-family taco night.

7 tips for hosting a multi-family taco night Arkansas Women Bloggers (c)nwafoodie

Well hi there. 

Enjoying the beautiful weather today? I told you that it was going to get sunnier.

On days like these it is only natural that you’ll want to pick up the phone, facebook message, or text a loved one and make plans to meet up.  You can either head out to one of the newest hopping joints around town, get all complicated-like with a full-blown dining experience, or keep it simple. You know which one I will pick, don’t you? Keeping it simple should be the name of this blog! Although, I believe that the more we experiment and try new things, those things that used to seem complicated end up becoming… well, simple.

So you decided to have friends, neighbors, or family over tonight. Great! The first question you will inevitably be asked is, “what can I bring?”

If you are like me, I often stumble on my answer. When it is last minute I don’t want to have them running around town to come up with a side dish, nor do I want them to spend a lot of money. After all, I invited them. They shouldn’t have to feel like they invited me. Right?

One meal theme that lends well to a multitude of guests pitching in without breaking the bank or killing too much time is a multi-family taco night. I was browsing the Arkansas Women Bloggers website this morning and came across I guest post I wrote back in February that I failed to share with you. I shared seve tips on how to host a multi-family taco night.

To whet your appetite (ha!), here are the seven tips.

1. Identify your foodies.
2. Moms.
3. Veggie prep.
4. Beef.
5. Margaritas.
6. Chips and dips.
7. The tortilla station.

Curious to know what those seven tips actually mean? Margaritas, chips and dip and pretty easy to figure out. But “identify your foodies” and “moms” – curious to know how they play a part in this dinner party?

I would tell you, however that would deny you the pleasure of jumping over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers website to read the rest of the story… and spending a few minutes browsing the website. I am proud to be a part of a blogging community that is passionate, active, and encouraging all at the same time. They are my friends and I am thrilled to introduce you to them.

Happy hosting.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Five Foodie Finds for Friday :: Freckled Hen Farmhouse.

Hello and happy Friday!

It is dark and storm-cloudy this morning and! Bright sunshiny skies are right around the corner so if you are into that, you’re welcome for the weather report.

You know how I love traipsing all over the internet’s crooks and crannies to bring you foodie finds on Fridays. I get even more excited when I can share you bounty that resides in our very own back yard of Northwest Arkansas. This week’s feature is all things Freckled Hen Farmhouse. Natalie (of Natalie Creates fame) and her husband are proprietors of an online home provisions and farm supply store that houses adorable home and garden items that match their own lifestyle brand. Bonus… since their store is ecommerce, everyone can jump in and shop to their hearts content!

Five foodie finds for Friday Freckled Hen Farmhouse June 3 2016 (c)nwafoodie

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Today is a great day for Better-Than-Boston baked beans.

Better Than Boston Baked Beans Riceland Foods #sponsored (c)nwafoodie

This post contains a link to sponsored content written in partnership with Riceland Foods, the world’s largest miller and marketer of rice and grown by famers in Arkansas and Missouri. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s still early in the morning and I hear the sound of kids playing outside. If I strain my neck and look out my office window to the left, I see two barefoot kids running around in my neighbor’s backyard. Not a care in the world. Today is a day of possibilities for them, I imagine. No thoughts to all the shoulds that should get done today or the chores that are always beckoning. Dennis is enjoying the great benefits of a day off… sleeping in. Me? Well, I have this thing about quiet dark mornings and nothing much is better than having a silent office to myself where I can write and just chill.

A bass boat skims by and I wonder if today is the day when the ski boats rip open and shrilling laughter fills the air? If so, summer officially starts to today and not in June.

For the first time since forever, we don’t have any set-in-stone Memorial Day plans. I suspect that once Dennis wakes up and we sit on the back porch sipping our coffee and talking about the day, we will start making phone calls and arranging our own boat day with the family. I’m usually pretty organized with planning family events so this is new for me. Are you a planner? Do you have big plans for today with family and friends?

What do you do when you don’t have any plans but want to have a quintessential summer grilling day? You go shopping! Either in your pantry, your fridge, your freezer, or at the closest store where you can get in-and-out and get on with your day!

May I suggest keeping it simple? Grill burgers with a side of baked beans and coleslaw and chips and dips for the nibblies? Wait, skip the coleslaw. Coleslaw really needs to be made the night before to perfectly meld all the flavors. You don’t want amateur coleslaw. Potato salad for the win! You can boil the potatoes and bake the beans inside while you visit with family and friends outside by the grill.

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe for baked beans that I rifted on from a Riceland recipe. It’s called Better-Than-Baked beans and I think it is better using vegetarian beans and turkey bacon. Then all your guests can eat it and no one is left out!

Actually, you can make your day even easier by skipping the potato salad. This baked bean recipe is stoked full of rice and so now you have carbs handled and your meal is complete!

Yea, You!

Happy day ahead.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.

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