Thursday, December 18, 2014

It’s getting cold outside... so it must be time for rustic roasted vegetables.

Rustic roasted vegetables TasteArkansas (c)nwafoodie

It sure is chilly out there, isn’t it?  I have been off work all week and today seems like it is perpetually stuck in dusk-mode. Weather like this makes me think of thickly comforting soup. In fact, this week I have already made soup three times. Yes, three times!

On Monday I tried out my friend Alison’s French Peasant Soup and man, was it delish!

Tuesday I made a creamy butternut squash soup that was TO.DIE.FOR.  Dennis wants me to make this every single day now.  I can’t give you the recipe quite yet because it will be published on the TasteArkansas blog in about a week from now. Stay tuned for that one.

Last night was a basic pureed broccoli soup that Mimi from Manger quietly posted the other day.  It was a little too basic for me so next time I am going to either add a little cream or sauté sweet onions to go with it.

Tonight I may switch it up a bit and take a break from the soup and go with something a little heartier. 

Perhaps roasted vegetables.


That oughta’ hit the spot.

If you’re into roasted vegetables, why not tweak it just a bit and go with a more rustic approach by adding twiggy herbs and large chunky and vibrantly colored vegetables?  My most recent post at TasteArkansas (sponsored by Arkansas Farm Bureau) goes into more detail on how to make rustic roasted vegetables.

Wanna’ know the best part?

I can set some vegetables aside and make soup!

Bundle up.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Tips for improving meal prep time in your kitchen.

#aethercone Tips for improving meal prep time in your kitchen (c)nwafoodie

The post contains sponsored content. #aethercone

One of the biggest complaints I hear about cooking is the prep time it takes before and after the meal.  Have you ever said, “I do all this hard work in the kitchen for a meal that takes minutes for everyone to finish. And then I have to clean it all up. It’s not worth it.”

Hang in there.

It IS worth it.

Here are my top 7 tips for improving your meal prep time in the kitchen so it doesn’t have to be a burden for you.  Because we all know if something gets easier we are more likely to keep doing it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Foodie Finds for Friday, December 5th.

Five Foodie Finds for Friday December 5 2014 King Arthur Flour (c)nwafoodie

Have you ever heard of a baker’s catalogue called King Arthur Flour?  They aren’t the new kids on the block.  Established back in 1790, King Arthur Flour is based in Vermont.  Having just come back from a trip to Vermont, it only seemed right to highlight a Vermont gem.

Today’s five foodie finds are baking related items that you just have to check out from the good folks at King Arthur Flour. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

KFSM: Still have Thanksgiving leftovers?

KFSM Channel 5 Morning News Heather Lewis Thanksgiving Leftovers with Lyndi Fultz (c)nwafoodie

It’s Sunday and the long Thanksgiving weekend is winding down.  Are you tired of over-the-top desserts yet?  Are you declaring that you are going on a diet and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever eating anything sweet or carb-y again? Maybe you are thinking about chucking the last bit of the Thanksgiving leftovers because you are so sick and tired of them… but your conscience won’t let you throw it away. 

Good thinking. 

You just need a new fresh perspective.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey, let’s decorate our Thanksgiving table tonight.

Set Decorate your Thanksgiving table two days earlier (c)nwafoodie RockCityEats

Yes, tonight.

Setting your table early is one the easiest ways to instantly relieve some of those pre-Thanksgiving meal anxiety jitters.  And, you and I both know there is always a pre-Thanksgiving meal anxiety jitter or two.

Did you know that I just started writing a monthly column over at RockCityEats? It focuses on those times when you want to just stay home and entertain rather than going out. 

Thanksgiving fits that bill.

If you want to know the #1 reason why everyone should set his or her Thanksgiving meal early, please check out my latest article on how to simplify Thanksgiving by setting your table two days earlier.

Yep, that would be tonight.

Happy place setting.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here is what our local NWA food bloggers have been chatting about the past week.

My buddy Kevin, owner of Little Rock’s food blog TheMightyRib, writes a round-up post that highlights the latest posts of Little Rock food bloggers.

Very cool, Kev.

My turn. 

Here is what our local Northwest Arkansas food bloggers have been chatting about in the last week.

Amy was prolific, posting Thanksgiving staples such as mashed sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and oven roasted turkey breast. Good timing, since I pick up my turkey breast from The Fresh Market on Tuesday.

Jonathan is blowing me away. His CranberrySwirl Bread is going BONKERS on Pinterest and even caught the national eye on the Huffington Post.  However, his baked chocolate cakedoughnut post is the one that has me going out to buy a doughnut pan today. 

Looking to add muffins to your Thanksgiving menu?  How about this roasted red pepperand cheddar muffin recipe from Ceri? 

Everyone listen, we must make this slowcooker carrot cake with salted caramel glaze from Debbie.  A cake made in a slow cooker? How perfect is that?

Are pecan pie bars a Thanksgiving staple for you?  Jamie has one that has bourbon and chocolate that looks and sounds sensational. She had me at bourbon (what, did you think I was going to say chocolate?).

Last, but certainly not least, Tayla’s post about sweet potato smoothies momentarily caused my brain to skip out a place.  Sweet potatoes in a smoothie?  What is this madness? After reading her ingredient list that also includes vanilla bean and blackstrap molasses, I think she may be on to something.  Genius.

Happy blog browsing.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Friday, November 21, 2014

A leftover turkey appetizer recipe that you will wish you ate as a main dish.

leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipe - main (c)nwafoodie

Let’s get real.

Sometimes the Thanksgiving leftovers just end up being, for lack of a better description, boring.  As the turkey dries out it gets harder and harder to swallow.  If you are like me, that is about the time to turn to Pinterest to type in “leftover turkey recipes” for inspiration.

Recently KFSM Channel 5 Morning News reached out for a three-part series on Thanksgiving.  Part 1 covered the pre-planning, Part 2 talked about spicing it up and adding charm, and Part 3 was all about leftovers.  My goal for the leftover segment was to create a dish that incorporated many key ingredients of Thanksgiving leftovers, the turkey, rolls, and cranberry sauce.

leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipe - leftovers (c)nwafoodie

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