Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ever wonder if blue cheese goes… bad?

Ever wonder if blue cheese goes bad (c)nwafoodie


What happens to it?

Does it get moldy?  Stinky-er? Does the smell get strong-er?

My latest blue cheese addiction is of the Danish variety.  It has a sweetness to it that is really working for me right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  Throw Stilton in front of me with a nice tawny Port and I am going to drop that Dane lickity-split and pledge my undying devotion to Mr. Stilty. 

However, until that little scenario swoons me off my feet, my fridge is still sporting the Sam’s Club honking-size package of Danish blue cheese.  Officially, we’re good.  The package tells me that we are good to go until August 11th. 


Yet I wonder.

Can it last longer than that?  What will happen to it?  C’mon, it’s a moldy cheese.  More mold cannot hurt me, right?

I needed expert advice.

Thank you, Internet.

According to thekitchn, one of my personal favorite sites to devour, the only harm to eating blue cheese as it ages is that it gets stinker and the taste gets stronger.  They tell me, “An old blue cheese will never hurt your health, only your taste buds.”

Okay, I can handle that.

I think a roasted beet salad with blue cheese is just the thing for dinner tonight.

Happy stinky cheese eating.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Farm2Home14 inspiration.

#farm2home14 P.AllenSmith GardenHome ArkansasGrown bloggers taking it all in (c)nwafoodie

Hi there, friend. 
Whatcha’ been up to lately? 

I have been running around and slowing down, if that is even possible.

Something inside of me is blossoming, begging me to open up my eyes wider and marvel more.  Sometimes that means doing nothing other than savoring the moment while other times it means exploring.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I feel good… about supporting local.

#farm2home14 #support local P.Allen Smith Garden Home nwafoodie Dining with Debbie busvlogger

I feel good… about supporting local.

I feel good… about spreading the word about supporting local.

I feel good… knowing that you support local, too.

I feel good… that Arkansas has a great resource for finding local gems called Arkansas Grown.

I feel good… that I got a chance to hear all about it at the Farm2Home event at P. Allen Smith’s farm on Tuesday.

I feel good… about showing you this video where our fabulous local Northwest Arkansas bloggers and other fantabulous Arkansas state bloggers show off their dance moves… because they feel good about local, too.

What happens at Farm2Home, stays at Farm2Home.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Are you an everyday or an authentic foodie?

I never considered myself a foodie until one day an acquaintance of mine made the statement to me, “I never knew you were such a foodie, Lyndi.”  He had been following me on twitter on my old handle, @lakebrittany, where there were an obsessive-compulsive amount of tweets related to dinner making, hungry statements, and lustful retweets of foods that made me talk about dinner making and hungry statements.  A few days before he said that, I attended a mommy blogger conference for work and was stunned at the underground world that was going on around me.  I wanted a blog, too.  Jason’s comments quickly determined that it was going to have the name foodie in it and since it was about explorations around Northwest Arkansas, viola, a blog was born.  I was now a proud foodie with a name that proved it.


Except that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts about the term foodie.  So many folks have tried to make it a gourmand slash snobby term yet it is neither of those.  Those terms are called gourmand and food snobs.  The way I think of it, a foodie is someone who has an above-average interest in foodstuffs.  Yes, that is a bit simplistic I realize.  What can I say?  I’m a simple girl. 

I think this infographic from the HartmanGroup illustrates it quite well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It’s time for a food court reboot.

Pinnacle Promenade food court pavilion (c)nwafoodie

The food court at Pinnacle Promenade in Rogers is my go-to sanctuary at lunchtime during the week when I want to have a quiet space to catch up on email or write a blog post.  It is whispery quiet except for when the one kiddie ride wakes up and does its thing by issuing a pre-recorded sound of children squealing.  Sometimes it completely freaks me out.

The building is shaped in a cylinder design, nested up to the Malco theater.  I think it is in a perfect spot for before/after movie gatherings. Wouldn’t it be great to have a spot to stroll to and enjoy a cup of coffee or light appetizer after an evening showing of a really fascinating and stimulating movie?

Monday, June 2, 2014

A delightful breakfast is waiting for you at Café Amici in Bella Vista.

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club veggie omelet (c)nwafoodie

Poor Bella Vista. It sorely lacks dining establishment choices.  It always makes me scratch my head trying to understand why there aren’t more options. You see, there are over 26,000 residents in the town, yet retail and dining choices can almost be counted on one hand.  Okay, make that several hands.  Dairy Queen, Sonic, China Buffet, Las Fajitas… you get the picture.

Okay, local food lovers, our wait is over. 

If you are the foodie who is constantly searching for a good (read: non-chain) breakfast joint, Bella Vista now as a restaurant that is bound to delight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dear Starbucks, are we breaking up?

dear starbucks are we breaking up new burping lids(c)nwafoodie

I looked the other way when you switched the turkey bacon breakfast sandwich to the new one. It’s okay; I need to get better at making breakfast at home anyways. Besides, that was only an occasional indulgence.

Can we talk about the new lids?

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