Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Have you ever made apple chips?

Baked apple chips TasteArkansas (c)nwafoodie

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Yep, that just about describes the ingredients in baked apple chips. You can mix it up any way that you like, plain, sugar-dusted, cinnamon and sugar-dusted, maple syrup, or even add a little heat like cayenne or curry.

You don’t need a fancy mandoline slicer (extra credit if you have one), just a sharp knife, an oven, and a couple of hours since the apple slices need to bake slow-and-low to turn them into chips. Pick a time when you are cleaning house, doing laundry, or raking that never-ending pile of leaves. When you are finished with that task, you’ll be ready for a treat.

Want the recipe?

Baked apple chips TasteArkansas (c)nwafoodie

Happy chipping.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

I have a Thermapen to giveaway… you’re going to want this.

Thermapen giveaway via Grassroots Farmers Coop (c) nwafoodie

*** Anita Stafford #3 is the winner! Thank you all for entering and sharing the awesome recipe links! ***

A few months ago I wrote an article for the Grassroots Farmers Cooperative, a farmer-owned and farmer-operated coop. Servicing Northwest and Central Arkansas, this band of farmers gathered together to share resources to satisfy a stable distribution inventory pipeline for those of us who want high-quality, sustainable, and local meats and poultry.

For this particular article I wrote for them, they provided me with a Thermapen instant-read meat thermometer. 

Actually, two.

One for me… and one for you.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Grilled honey-glazed chicken breasts.

Grilled honey glazed chicken breasts #denigris1889 - main (c)nwafoodie

Content sponsored by #denigris1889

Unless you are living in the Alaskan tundra or you have a device that heats up your car overnight in your garage, then year-round grilling is a thing.

We employ our trusty gas grill when the frogs are croaking as well as when the snow hushes all sounds of outdoor life. It is an extension of our kitchen and an easy excuse to bundle up and huddle by the “ahem” fire. It brings life to our foods and there is a simple joy when hearing meat or vegetables sputter and spit over open flame.

We had family houseguests this weekend and we over-purchased chicken breasts thinking that the usual crowd would show up. Alas, we were short seven guests and therefore we were five chicken breasts overstocked. No worries. Tonight we decided to grill up the extra meat and have dinner prepared for several more days for the two of us. I had a fierce craving for something with a sweet + savory twist. Besides, my doctor gave me a shot of steroids to combat a run-in with poison ivy and he warned me, “your appetite may increase for the next few days.” Now, I have plenty of food ready and waiting.

Appetite, bring it.

This grilled chicken dish incorporates sweet with the addition of honey, bitter with lime and cilantro, and finishes with a blend of both sweet and savory with the apple cider vinegar. I think you’ll love it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Using up the last of summer’s bounty.

TasteArkansas Cream of banana pepper soup (c)nwafoodie

Some of you still have a trickling of your summer vegetable garden hanging on. I know, because I’ve seen your facebook photos showing them off. As you should! I love seeing your gardens, from the sophisticated pinterest-worthy layouts to the modest 4x4 raised garden that found its way to the one spot in the yard with just enough light to make magic happen.

The banana peppers are barely hanging on and their grip has just about called uncle. If you are one of the lucky ones with a bounty, may I suggest a cream of banana pepper soup? I shared the recipe recently on the TasteArkansas blog and it really is worth taking a look and a try.

Don’t have banana peppers? No worries! Substitute with celery, celery root, or turnips. It really is quite versatile.

Check out my recipe on TasteArkansas, here.

Oh, and I am curious. Are you still harvesting from summer’s bounty?

Color me jealous.

Happy souping.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.


Monday, October 26, 2015

My interview on foodydirect, an online foodie marketplace.

foodydirect Expert interview with Lyndi Fultz nwafoodie blog

You know how much I love searching out local spots and hole-in-the-walls and the thrill of a new food source or gadget discovery. Don’t even get me started on gadgets galore and entertaining fanciness tempting me from many fabulous flea markets and antique malls we have scattered throughout the Northwest Arkansas countryside. And when I travel, I am always searching. Oh yes, always searching for that something-something that catches my eye. Or my tastebuds. 

And the fun I have sharing back with you.

I recently stumbled across the foodydirect website. It is an online foodie marketplace where you can order some of the finest and most famous foods from restaurants all over the United States. Delivered to our front doors. Want a mozzarella trio from Arthur Avenue Italian Deli from the Bronx? Yeah, they got it. Want BBQ beef ribs from Black’s Barbecue from Lockhart, Texas? Oh yeah, it’s there. Want a real Phillycheesesteak from Campo’s Deli in Philadelphia? You know I wouldn’t tease you with that because of course it’s there.

I was recently interviewed by foodydirect as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview and let me know what you think! 

What did I talk about?

Eating well, of course!

Happy searching.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.


Friday, October 23, 2015

The RightKindaSloppy podcast on NWAEats.

NWAEats RightKindaSloppy podcast interview - Lyndi Fultz (c) nwafoodie

Where are my manners?

How have I not shared with you the link to a local food podcast that chats about all Northwest Arkansas food philosophy? Don’t worry; it still is a relatively new podcast so you can catch up quite quickly.

The RightKindaSloppy podcast launched in May and is hosted by Bobbie Foster. Her interview style keeps things interesting as she digs deep into local topics. Listen to these as you drive to work, go shopping, or just have it playing in the background as you merrily prepare dinner for the fam.

So far the podcast covers a range of topics including the Green Goat food truck, Bliss Cupcakes, Ozark Natural Foods, and nwafoodieYes, me!  I talked with Bobbie of RightKindaSloppy about cooking at home, eating at local restaurants, starting a blog, cooking equipment reviews, and my latest food obsessions.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I’d love to know.

Happy listening.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flank steak inspiration from bon appetit magazine. (Believe me when I say it is crazy good.)

bon appetite grilled flank steak - basket (c)nwafoodie

Hi there. Whatcha’ been up to?

Me? I just returned from a two-week Sabbatical. No work. No ordinary life events. No ordinary stresses. Nothing but quiet, peaceful, rejuvenating days punctuated by family, friends, my church family, and a reconnection to what life is all about and a rebalance of priorities. In a word, I feel centered. Balanced. Calm.

The first nine days we spent in Orange Beach, Alabama and the back half was in Vail, Colorado. My good friend Rachel talks often about how her body needs the beach to “get right.” For me, that means the mountains, evergreens, crisp air, and the changing fall colors of aspens. It just does something to me inside that is hard to explain. Perhaps that is why I love Northwest Arkansas so much. Its rolling hills, gorgeous foliage, and dotted lakes and streams are stunning. Coming home from vacation was not disappointing, not in the least.

On the plane rides to and fro from our destinations, I kept a pile of my go-to magazines at my side. Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, and bon appetite, these are my mainstays. A quick word to the wise: don’t look at gorgeous food magazines unless you are prepared to cook.

bon appetite grilled flank steak - ottoman (c)nwafoodie

One page 88 of the latest bon appetite magazine, the dry-rubbed flank steak with grilled corn salsa stopped me in my tracks. Okay, it stopped me in my two-feet by two-feet wide Group 4 American Airlines seat. “Dennis, Dennis, take a look at this gorgeous grilled flank steak. Argghhh! It’s beautiful. We HAVE to make this when we get home.”

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