Monday, August 31, 2009

I’m in the mood for… broth?

Posted by Lyndi

Tomorrow I undergo a colonoscopy and today I am in pure agony. Wait, exactly why is today the agony day? Tomorrow is the procedure, not today. Actually, today is the day where I can only “eat” clear liquids, aka: broth. Now normally I have several boxes of Swanson’s Chicken and Beef Stock in my cupboards and refrigerator waiting for their inclusion in some meal. Today, broths have a new role: they are my food. And if they have moved up the ladder to that all-important role, I must find one that can satisfy.

So I conducted a test. Of sorts.

While shopping at Cooks Market today (located in historic downtown Rogers close to the intersection of Walnut and 71B) I picked two good-for-you broths and then stopped at Allen’s Market (located in Bella Vista, 71B eastside) and picked up one National brand.

1. Health Valley® – Fat Free Chicken Broth; UPC 3574222410; Ingredients: water, concentrated chicken broth, sea salt, onion powder, turmeric, ground celery seeds, white pepper; 6g protein; 390 mg sodium per serving.


2. Health Valley® – Fat Free Beef Flavored Broth; UPC 3574222110; Ingredients: filtered water, beef extract, onion powder, white pepper, ground celery seeds; 3g protein; 120mgs sodium per serving.


3. Swanson® Natural Goodness ™ Chicken Broth 100% fat free, 33% less sodium. 570mgs sodium per serving. Chicken stock, flavoring (contains chicken broth, autolyzed yeast extract), salt, dextrose, celery juice concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, onion juice concentrate. 3g protein

Not bad. But it has dextrose! Who knew?

Okay, not the fairest test, I admit. I am sure there are plenty of fabulous-tasting canned broths in the market that I missed. What I did learn from this “experiment” that I am using a broth for cooking that has dextrose in it. That is going to change.

Do you have a favorite chicken or beef broth that you recommend?
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