Friday, September 4, 2009

Everything tastes better with shallots… except maybe sorbet.

** June 2012 update ** Hong Son is closing its doors and the owners are moving to Florida to be near family.  There are great Oriental markets in Springdale, Fayetteville, and Rogers that alos have great deals on shallots. Shew.  We will miss you, Hong Son. ~Lyndi **

Posted by Lyndi
I don’t remember when I first discovered shallots. Most likely it was a recipe ingredient where I did not venture much further due to shallot package limitations. You know the package limitations I am talking about: where three shallots cost around three dollars. Hence, now you know why I did not venture much further out. A skillet of breakfast potatoes could quickly add up. Ouch!

I do remember when I first discovered that I could have my way with shallots. In any dish that tickled my fancy without having to worry one little bit about the cost. Why?

I discovered Hong Son Oriental Food Market. Hong Son is located in historic downtown Rogers on the corner of W Cypress and 7th Street (next to the Boys & Girls Club).

At Hong Son it only costs about $1.19 for 9 shallots ($1.99 lb). At the grocery store it would cost me about $9 for the same amount.

So I slice, dice, chop, and stew shallots now to my little hearts content. The nutty-depth of flavor delivered by a shallot is unequalled, in my opinion. They also do a better job of breaking down than a regular white or yellow onion.

I hope that you are able to explore Hong Son (or your local oriental market) to grab this great deal on shallots.

What is your favorite way to use shallots?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No, No, No...

nwafoodie this isn't healthy eating

Last night we went grocery shopping. As we rounded the perimeter of the 190,000 square foot store we came to the deli counter. And we saw this culinary offering…

I know the term “food snob” applies to individuals who basically go to the nth degree to have utmost perfection in food selection and preparation. I may not be that person but I do know when to say “No” to imperfect food.

My dear family & friends in Northwest Arkansas (and wherever you may live) make a stand and respect your palate. Just say “No, No, No” when you come across food that has been prepared with an I-don’t-care attitude. 

Your body is worth it.

Ways to say “No, No, No?”


Don’t buy it. Don’t eat it.

When you see something sitting out in a deli counter in disarray, say something to the employees, associates, deli manager, store manager, anyone who works at the deli. If enough of us say something, in theory they will improve the situation.

Tweet about it. Retailers and restaurants should be listening.

Check your cash register receipt. Some Retailers include a link to an online survey. Here is your chance to be heard.


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.

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