Friday, March 26, 2010

FREE Bella Napoli restaurant coupon giveaway. It could be yours!

Posted by Lyndi

You saw the word “free,” “restaurant,” “coupon giveaway,” Bella Napoli,” and “it could be yours!” Right?


It’s true! Thanks to Dave from, he has provided a free $15 penguin bill coupon ready to pass-along to one of you!

If you haven’t checked out his site yet or follow him on twitter, you are missing out on adventure of scoring really amazing restaurant discount coupon. Some of these deals go super-duper fast so you have to pay attention! Plus, the restaurants that participate provide these great deals in order to support their favorite charities, non-profits, and schools in Northwest Arkansas. See? Everyone wins!

So, ever been to Bella Napoli in Bentonville?

I hadn’t… so last week I went and checked it out over lunch. Located on Hwy 62/102 and J street (across the street from Walmart PMDC), Bella Napoli is tucked inside a strip mall and can be easily missed. Once I walked inside, I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was intimate, the staff attentive, and just the right decibels of soft Italian music playing in the background. I ordered the chicken marsala with grilled zucchini and squash. Another pleasant surprise: It was quite good and an overall excellent foodie lunch experience!

Now it’s your turn. Ready to try out Bella Napoli restaurant?

How about trying it out with your very own free $15 penguin bill coupon?

What do you have to do?

Here are ways you can enter:

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3. Follow Me on Twitter & Tweet about this giveaway

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7. Tell your favorite Northwest Arkansas restaurant that you want to see menus or specials on NWArestaurant’s site. Leave feedback on NWArestaurant and let them know who you told!

There you go. 7 entries you can have!!

Leave ONE comment for each entry. If your comment doesn't go through the first time, try it again, it's touchy!

Include the links to your posts/twitters

Winner will be chosen via randomizer on April 4th so enter now! Good luck!

** Sorry – US residents 18+ only **


  1. I follow NWA Restaurant on Facebook!

  2. I follow NWA restaurant on Twitter!

  3. Love to be entered! I subscribe to your RSS feed and love it!

  4. I would love to see the following restaurants included in NWArestaurant: Mr. B's Steakhouse (Rogers), Theo's (Fayetteville), White Oak Station (Rogers), Einstein Bagel (Rogers), Red Robin (Rogers)

  5. I had lunch there last week. The food was very good. It's a nice quiet intimate place for lunch and/or dinner.

  6. $15 Gift Certificate would be awesome! I am a new subscriber and cant wait to read more.

  7. I think this blog is son informative specially for someone new to the area.
    Great job and keep it coming.

  8. I sent a Tweet about your giveaway!

  9. I follow NWA Restaurants on getting the heads up for awesome deals with Penguin Bills!


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