Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick tip for keeping fresh asparagus… well, fresh.

Posted by Lyndi

It is helpful to store asparagus in your fridge with the bottom stalks standing in water.  Similar to a flower arrangement, doing this will help prolong the freshness of your asparagus.

If you are looking for thick asparagus (like the ones in the photo), go to Sams Club.  Looking for thin and delicate?  Check out Walmart, Harps, or Allens Market.

Happy eating!


  1. Great tip and sometimes I put a wee bit of ice in the container.

  2. Hi Anonymous (Vicki, that is... ha ha).
    Thanks for the "wee bit of ice" advice! If you look very closely at my photo, there is ice in it! Only it wasn't done on purpose... I was stuck in a back corner of my refrigerator and it froze. And guess what? It did not hurt it!
    Thanks for your comment.


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