Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to Table Mesa, Bentonville’s lovely boutique bistro on The Square.

Posted by Lyndi

Last Thursday was girl’s lunch out with my friends Amanda and Alicia.  We met at Table Mesa restaurant on perhaps one of the busiest days imaginable in downtown Bentonville:  Earth Day.  The square was alive with children, events, parents, and the demand was high for a spot in Table Mesa.

Thankfully, there was no waiting in line for us at Bentonville’s hottest and one of the best-kept-secrets in Northwest Arkansas.  Why was there no waiting?  I went online and reserved a table earlier that morning and requested a window seat.  That’s a very handy tip for lunch.  Simply go online and click on the “Reservation” starburst icon.

So, have you not dined at Table Mesa yet?  I suggest you immediately put this on your to-do list. 

Table Mesa is the real deal. 

A boutique-style restaurant that specializes in modern Latin cuisine with a blend, Table Mesa opened in October of 2008 and has thrived ever since.  Owners Lindie and Carl Garrett take pride in their kitchen.  Everything is made from scratch with daily rotating specials for lunch and dinner.

This is not a typical Mexican-joint.  In fact, they call it “modern Latin cuisine with a blend.”  Yep, that describes it quite well. One look at the menu and you’ll understand why.  Menu headings include:  Tapas, Liquids, Leafy, Earth & Ocean, and Simply Sweet.   One look around the dining room and you are enveloped by the cozy comfort of treating yourself to a complete sensory experience.

What do I recommend?  Oh just about everything I’ve tried.  But here are a few “must try” menu items you have to try at least once.

1.     Margaritas.  Is it wrong that I started off with the drink?  I must. Their margaritas are crisp, clean, and everything in it is fresh, fresh, fresh.

2.     Chips, salsa, and guacamole.  Everything is made from scratch, including the chips, which are prepared out of flour tortillas and plantains.  Warning to my gluten-free foodies:  The menu does not call this out. Table Mesa does aim to please, so let them know of any allergies so they can best serve you.

3.     Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Best in Northwest Arkansas, in my opinion.  You can order this by the bowl or by the cup.  I often made a complete meal just out of the soup.  (And that margarita, of course.)  Here’s another handy tip:  Ask your server to substitute the cheese in the soup to goat cheese.  You will not be disappointed, I’m just saying.  The chips in the soup are the same flour chips as #2, so those with gluten-free allergies take note.

4.     Curry Chicken Burrito.  While I personally cannot vouch for this one due to the flour and cheese ingredients.  I’ve heard more than five people moan in pleasure while eating this.   

5.     Fish tacos.  I personally could eat these every time if I wasn’t always up to trying something new.  Prepared with mahi-mahi, it is dusted with their special spice blend and chipotle mayo.  It’s fantastic and filling.

6.     Key-Lime Tres Leche house made cake soaked in three milks and key lime with seasonal fruit puree.  Again, I cannot personally vouch for this.  But I have seen with my own eyes a table of ten people pass this around and every single person savored their bite, many with their eyes closed.  Enough said.

Hopefully you did not mind my long-windedness today.  Table Mesa is fantastic and I highly recommend you trying them out.  Make a night of it one Friday night and then stroll the square. 

Ahhhh, you will end the day feeling delighted and complete.

Table Mesa is open every day, except for Sundays (EXCEPTION:  Mother's Day they WILL be open!!!).  Lunch is 11-2:30; Dinner is 5-8:30 on Mondays-Thursday; 5-9 on Friday and Saturday.  Click here to see their website for complete details included menu, pricing, and reservations link.

Want an incentive to try Table Mesa?  How does a $15 gift certificate sound?  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming $15 gift certificate give-away!


  1. Table Mesa= the PERFECT place to have a girls lunch!

  2. Hi Amanda W, I AGREE! And a PERFECT girls lunch = Amanda and Alicia at the table! :) Thanks for the comment!


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