Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you have a grill pan?

Posted by Lyndi

If you are like me, your grill works hard year-round.

Last year I purchased a great gadget at Williams-Sonoma:  a mesh grill pan. This stainless steel mesh pan has opened so many options for me and I know it will for you, too.

A grill pan allows you to easily grill items that would otherwise fall through grill top, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, cod or other fragile fish like orange roughy, and yukon gold sliced potatoes. You get the drift.

The one I purchased (photo, below) works like a charm and cost $29.95.  It cleans up real easily and yes, it CAN go in the dishwasher.

Be sure to pop in to the Williams-Sonoma at the Pinnacle Promenade in Rogers or shop online!  Especially since Father’s Day is only a few short days away!

Happy grilling!

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