Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary giveaway: Anastasia Confections Creamy Key Lime Coconut Patties!

Posted by Lyndi

I found something really delightful the other day that I just HAD to share with you.  They are Creamy Key Lime Coconut Patties from Anastasia Confections.

The Pinnacle Station Market in Rogers had these little treats on sample display recently and on the everyday sidecounter at the coffee and tea bar.  A package of two is jut $.99, an affordable luxury and not a heavily-laden fat-filled dessert.  Two pieces are just 6grams of fat and 150 calories.

They are an inch and a half squared, and the sides and back are dipped in chocolate.  When you bite into these, you are surprised by a chewy goodness of just-perfectly seasoned key lime tartness plus creamy chocolately-ness combined.  They are just perfect.  Oh, and they are naturally gluten-free, too!

These coconut patties come in other flavors beyond key lime coconut:  original coconut, almond, orange, mango, and pina colada.  The Pinnacle Station Market carries the key lime and original but not the others.  All flavors are available only and can be purchased here.

I have one package of Key Lime Coconut Patties to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Interested?  Simply leave a comment for a chance to win!


1 lucky winner will receive a 2-pack package of Key Lime Coconut Patties.  Contest ends this Wednesday, September 8th at midnight (CDT).  I will pick a winner via randomizer.


Leave me a comment using the comment form, below, preferably with your twitter or blog name to make it easy to contact you if you win.  

The comment is up to you:  Do you like sweets with coconut in them?  What do you think about flavors such as key lime, mango, orange, and pina colada?  

Tip:  If you enter using the Name/URL option, you can leave the URL blank.  The Blogger format can be a little confusing!   See the “How to leave a comment (please do!)” link at the top of this page for step-by-step instructions!

No purchase necessary to enter. Contest void where prohibited. Contest open to members who are 18 years or older. Contest open only to Continental US residents only.

Good luck!


  1. My fiance said she wouldn't mind tasting those, She does like the flavor or Pina colada. Maybe we will be lucky? Maybe not, then I would have to make some homemade roasted oragnic pecan butter.

    Sound intresting, you should try my "Pecan butter" cookies, (not pecan butter cookies) i'll make 'em some time and let you try them.

  2. I haven't tried many desserts or sweets with coconut in them but of those I have I have enjoyed the flavors melding. I bet the different flavors add a different road. I think that the mango would be fabulous.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com


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