Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary giveaway: Your very own “winedoggybag!”

Posted by Lyndi

This giveaway is such a fun one!

Recently you heard me talk about the really cute wine-to-go-bags available at Carrabba’s.  Did you realize this is actually a product you can purchase yourself at

Did you know that any unfinished bottle of wine you imbibe at a restaurant can be re-corked by your server and then slipped into the winedoggybag, sealed securely by a special attached strip, and then it becomes portable back home or to your hotel room? 

Pretty cool, eh?

One lucky reader has the opportunity to two of their very own winedoggybags for use at your favorite restaurant. The folks at have made this possible for you, isn’t that nice of them?  It is just a really neat product and completely discreet and portable.  I’m keeping two in the trunk of my car “for a rainy day.”  Basically, this is just one of those neat little products that someone designed that makes you think “what a great and simple idea.”  It’s a great conversation piece, too!


1 lucky winner will receive two winedoggybags. Contest ends next Tuesday, September 7th at midnight (CDT).  I will pick a winner via randomizer.


Leave me a comment using the comment form, below, preferably with your twitter or blog name to make it easy to contact you if you win.  

The comment is up to you:  I’m just curious to hear what you think about this product!  Would it encourage you to take advantage of special by-the-bottle deals that restaurants sometimes have?  Or, let us know you are a red wine or white wine person!  Me?  Red, all the way!!

Tip:  If you enter using the Name/URL option, you can leave the URL blank.  The Blogger format can be a little confusing!   See the “How to leave a comment (please do!)” link at the top of this page for step-by-step instructions!

No purchase necessary to enter. Contest void where prohibited. Contest open to members who are 21 years or older. Only those located within the Continental US, please.

Good luck!


  1. Man, I love wine, so I would be able to tote wine around without worrying about spilling...maybe the cops might care but HEY! its all good :)

  2. Nope Cops won't care as long as the wine doggy bag stays sealed.


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