Sunday, September 5, 2010

The last Happy Anniversary giveaway: Imagine Soup!

Posted by Lyndi

Today is last day of the weeklong “happy anniversary” giveaway in honor of my first year anniversary/birthday of this blog! 

Yesterday I shared with you a quick and easy way to make rice with a little flavor by adding soup to the base, instead of just plain water.  This cuts adds seasoning to your rice so it is ready to go once the rice cooker finishes!  De-lish!

I have experimented with several flavors of Imagine Natural Creations soups such as Portabella Mushroom, Creamy Tomato Basil, and getting ready to use Creamy Corn and Lemongrass.  These soups are healthy, most of them organic, easy to store in your pantry, and gluten free!  Click here to browse all the flavor offerings and online recipes on the Imagine Natural Creations website.   Oh, they even have a cool tool on their site that allows you to make your own soup by dragging virtual ingredients into a virtual pot of soup!

The best part is that my local Walmart store in Rogers (Pleasant Grove Rd.) stocks them…

… and Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville (College Ave.) has an extensive selection…

… curious to know if they are available in  your neck of the woods?  Click here for a store locator.

I have one soup box package of Imagine Natural Creations Soup to giveaway to one lucky reader.  You simply have to leave a comment for a chance to win!


1 lucky winner will receive a 1 package of Imagine Natural Creations Soup.  Contest ends this Saturday, September 11th at midnight (CDT).  I will pick a winner via randomizer.


Leave me a comment using the comment form, below, preferably with your twitter or blog name to make it easy to contact you if you win.  

The comment is up to you:  Did you have a chance to check out the soup flavors?  Which one sounds the most interesting to you?  Or, did you have a chance to check out the recipes on their website?  Again, which one sounds the most interesting to you?  

Tip:  If you enter using the Name/URL option, you can leave the URL blank.  The Blogger format can be a little confusing!   See the “How to leave a comment (please do!)” link at the top of this page for step-by-step instructions!

No purchase necessary to enter. Contest void where prohibited. Contest open to members who are 18 years or older. Contest open only to Continental US residents only.

Good luck!


  1. Hi! Would love to the soup!

  2. I would love to try the Creamy Portobella one, sounds really good :) @anniemos on twitter

  3. Anything with tomato or broccoli sounds good to me!

  4. It would be fun to try something brand new...


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