Monday, December 6, 2010

A cookie that sweetens the soul.

Posted by Lyndi

It’s not a big secret that I am not a sweets person.  I keep thinking that when I grow up, I will learn how to bake.  And, when I learn how to bake, I will become a sweets person.  That is how the logic works in this cranium.

My sister-in-law Julie is one of those who have the baking knack.  She is a natural.  And she doesn’t just bake say, a cheesecake.  No, her cheesecake is eight inches tall with a pressed-on butter graham crust and almond bark scrollwork and comes complete with sides of homemade raspberry and blueberry sauce.

They said it was divine. 

I did not partake since I am dairy free and gluten free.  I am really good at admiring desserts from afar.  Julie, the sweetheart that she is, takes care of little ole me when it comes to dessert time.  On thanksgiving it was a coconut and banana cream pie.  It was heavenly… complete with my very own almond bark shaped initial.

This weekend we were in Oklahoma visiting Julie and the family.  Dessert for everyone just happened to be… gluten free!  It was so delicious that Julie knew everyone would enjoy it.

It’s called Monster Cookies and the recipe comes from Paula Deen, courtesy of The Food Network.  Click here for the recipe.

Perhaps you are the “Julie” baker in your family or you are blessed, like I am, to have a “Julie.”  All I know that it melts my heart when she goes out of her way.  If you have a “Julie” or “Julian” in your family, what kinds of heavenly desserts has she or he wow you with?


  1. Lyndi you are so sweet! You make me sound way better than I really am. In reality, I just love searching for great recipes. I also like the challenge of trying to find something delicious that fits special dietary needs. Plus, you're worth it!

  2. What can I say? You rock!!!!!!!!!


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