Friday, December 17, 2010

Some people go to Google… I just go to you.

my dad and I attempting our first gluten-free pasta
Posted by Lyndi

A friend of mine sent me an email this morning, wanting to know about pasta makers.

6 suggestions later he thanked me and told me:  “Some people go to Google… I just go to you.” 

My only experience with making pasta is a not-so-great attempt at making gluten-free pasta with my dad a few months ago.  He packed up his manual pasta maker to my home and together we tried our best to make gluten-free pasta together.  

The result?  Pasta not so great.  

Quality time with my dad?  Priceless.

we did it!  our first gluten-free spaghetti!

Here are my 6 suggestions when buying a pasta maker:

1.     Do they have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer?  If so, Williams-Sonoma has a pasta attachment hat looks to be A-MAZ-ING!  I want one so badly!

2.     Pasta makers are pretty traditional and not very innovative.  There are hand-crank ones and electric ones.  There are tons of manual ones available and not many electric ones.  Amazon has an electric one.

3.     If I were to buy a pasta maker, I would choose the Kitchen Aid attachment (if I had a Kitchen Aid, that is!).  Then, I would go electric, and lastly I would go manual.

4.     Regardless of the path he chooses, I suggested he buy a pasta drying rack.  That way if she makes spaghetti and doesn’t gobble it up right away, she can drape the pasta and dry it for another time.

5.     I also recommended he buy her a book all about pasta.  Again, Williams-Sonoma has one that looks perfect.

6.     The reason why I kept pushing Williams-Sonoma?  (1) We have a local store and (2) according to an email I received from Williams-Sonoma, starting today, for every $50 you spend in store, they will give you a $10 coupon to use post-holiday.  It’s like an instant rebate that he could also give her as a present (I’m thinking pasta tongs, parmesan cheese grater, ravioli cutter...).

And now, I am doing the same thing.  Instead of Google… I am going to… you

Any advice?  Are you experienced in the world of making pasta?  Would you change or add on to any of my recommendations?  If so, please let me know so I can pass it along to him (his wife wants this as a present) right away! 


  1. Santa needs to bring you a Kitchen Aid mixer this year, me thinks.

    I have tried several attachments on mine (not the pasta maker though) and they just don't work well. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I find it easier to use stand alone equipment.

    Pasta making is so fun but it's so cheap to buy - in the same category as bread for me. I'll save my energy for cakes & cookies!

  2. Hey Meigan,

    Good to know about the attachments and your frustrations! I will pass that along... he was concerned about that too!

    I agree, it seemed like a lot of work! But I know I'll go back and try it again!! ha ha ha

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. BTW, he purchased the KitchenAid attachment and the Williams-Sonoma pasta book... plus she received the gift card, too! I can't wait to here what she thinks about it!!

  4. Lyndi, she should try gnocchi made at home, it's the easiest to make and sooo goood with brown butter sage sauce. Potatoes, Egg, Flour, salt, easy and no real specialized tools needed. Also try gnocchi made like mac and cheese with a cheesy bechemel sauce!

    1. Have you posted this on your blog? Gnocchi is on my to-do list! Thanks Don!


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