Friday, January 21, 2011

Exclusive Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Event (psst, it’s also a giveaway).

Posted by Lyndi

I am so jazzed to tell you about a local event that is mere weeks away and I guarantee it is bound to get you worked up into quite a tizzy! 

What is it? 

PERCOLATING FOR ONSC.  It is a tasting event of artisan coffees and handmade chocolates to benefit the Ozark Natural Science Center.  Ummm…. chocolates + coffees + tasting event… is there even a term to describe this type of delightful marriage?

When and where is it?

Friday, February 4th at the Compton Gardens in Bentonville.  Drop in 5-8pm.

Tell me more about the tasting event?

You are all familiar with wine tastings, right?  So, picture a wine tasting… only instead of wine… picture coffee.  Attendees will receive tasting cards along with a complement/contrast/bridge artisan chocolate tasting experience.  There will be a coffee slow bar where attendees can talk with Mark Bray of Airship Coffee, and Northwest Arkansas local.  There is so much to learn about coffee and now is your chance to find out why you prefer a bold brew or a mild one.  Of course there’s the educational side but don’t forget the sensual side… c’mon it’s chocolate!

Want to know about the coffee and chocolate?

Airship Coffee offers organic, fair trade coffees from Guatemala and Honduras.  Through a partnership with Ghirardelli, the Northwest Arkansas Community College Culinary Program will serve handmade chocolates.

How can you purchase a ticket?

Tickets are $15 per person in advance/$20 at the door and includes coffee and chocolate tastings.  There will be cash bar and items available for purchase.  All proceeds from the evening benefit the Ozark Natural Science Center, a nonprofit field science education facility serving more than 4,000 kids annually.  And it’s right in our backyard!  Click here for more information about ONSC.

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

·       Brick Street Botanical (105 W. Walnut in downtown Rogers)
·       Center for Nonprofits (1200 W. Walnut – lobby, Ginnie’s Café or suite 2409)
·       Lewis & Clark Outfitters in Fayetteville or Springdale

But wait… there is a way to gain FREE TICKETS!!

That’s right!  I have a four (4) free tickets to giveaway to two lucky people (that means two readers will each win two tickets, one for them and one to share!).

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you want to go to this event and who you would take with you!  That’s it.

Oh, you get an extra chance to win if you tweet about this giveaway/event.  You also get an extra chance to win if you friend ONSC and NWAfoodie on facebook.   Let me know via an extra comment if you do that (include the link, too!)

When does giveaway contest end?

Contest ends on Thursday, January 27th at midnight (CDT).  Open to everyone in continental U.S. but it really only makes sense if you are in Northwest Arkansas.  I will pick two (2) winners via randomizer!

Good luck!!  If you don’t win the ticket, make a date night of it anyhow and buy the ticket!

Don't you just LOVE the official artwork of Percolating for ONSC? Created by local artist, Kinya Elenbarger at - Check out her work!  


  1. Sounds like a fun event...I think this would be fun for a Girls Night Out so I would take one of my friends.

  2. What would I do, what would I do? Well, I would slurp the coffee, like an amateur coffee taster, to aerate it, to really taste it. Then I would go all Dark on that chocolate and enjoy every morsel, what type of cocoa beans where used and where from.

    Who would I bring, my fiancee! WOOT WOOT

  3. Wow the Chocolate and Coffee event sounds amazing... my month has been a bit out of whack and I bet some chocolate and coffee would make it feel just right again!
    As a morning host of "Cawfee Tawk" (you have to say it with a NEW YORK accent) at my own house, I would love to try some new flavors!!

  4. I would abolutely love to go! I would take my husband and the two UA International students we just "adopted" through the UA Friendship Program. What an awesome experience for them!

  5. It's coffee and chocolate for goodness sake woman!! Need I say more?! And I'd take Lyndi with me because she is awesome!!!

  6. I need one last outing before this baby is born! One last date night before we are parents of 2!!! : D

  7. I'd really like to take my coffee-swillin' (and roastin') wife!

  8. This sounds like fun...I would take my husband for a date night.:)

  9. Okay, I retweeted your message AND "liked" nwafoodie on facebook :)


  10. What's better than coffee + chocolate? Bringing a girlfriend along for a fun night! Sounds like fun time.

  11. I wasn't sure how to do the link thing so this is my guess :

    I would love to take my mother in law because we both love chocolate and coffee. She needs a break to. This would be a good one.

  12. It would be a fun girls night out.

  13. Sounds really fun. Count me in...

  14. I love chocolate and coffee! This would be a perfect time for me to leave the kiddos behind while me and my best bud indulge ourselves in some yumminess.

  15. HI guys, just reviewing your comments and confirming the extra entries....

    Kelly -- you have one extra entry bc you both tweeted and "liked" (you posted 2 on 1 entry!

  16. Hi guys, just reviewing your comments and confirming the extra entries...

    Julia White -- you have one extra entry bc you shared this giveaway on fb!

  17. Hi guys, just reviewing your comments and confirming the extra entries...

    @tammymurphy000 tweeted about this giveaway and therefore earns an entry


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