Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to quickly and easily prepare non-mushy brussel sprouts!

Posted by Lyndi

Have you ever had a “bad” brussel sprout experience?

C’mon, you know what I am talking about:  tasteless, bland, and oh yeah… mushy, mushy, mushy little balls of mush.

I aim to change your brussel sprouts experience.  I believe it is quite possible for you to fall in love with brussel sprouts.  And crave them, too. 

I jest not.  

Since brussel sprouts are in season right now, I thought I would share with you a no-fail recipe for quick and easy (and non-mushy) brussel sprouts.

Quick & Easy Brussel Sprouts in 5 easy steps

1.     Trim up ends (where brussel sprout meets the stalk) and peel off a few outer layers of brussel sprouts.
2.     Boil water and drop in brussel sprouts.
3.     After a few minutes (knife should easily slip in stem) remove and drop them in a bowl of ice water.
4.     Slice brussel sprouts in half and add to melted butter in a sauté pan over medium-high heat.
5.     Season to taste with salt and pepper, viola!

There you have it… perfect brussel sprouts!  I literally cannot get enough of them and I would be content to eat them morning, noon, and night.

Do you have a favorite way to eat brussel sprouts?  If so, please tell, tell!


  1. I just made Bs this afternoon...I think this is the most underrated veggie.

  2. I agree! We made some last night.. and Dennis said "I could eat these non stop!" Did you prepare them the same way? I'd be curious to hear variations. I've read where you can blanche them and then separate the leaves and use them in a salad. Intriguing, no?

    Thanks for the comment and love your blog (

  3. I hated brussel sprouts for the longest time until I tried them roasted. And I LOVE roasted brussel sprouts...I eat them as a snack sometimes lol. I agree that people's experiences of vegetables can be ruined if they have one that isn't cooked well!

  4. Roasted sounds amazing! Did you blanch them first? You just made me realize that I need to give eggplant a second try!

  5. I don't think my kids have ever had Brussel Sprouts, so I think I'll be giving them a go really soon :)

  6. Go fresh and try it this way first! Tonight (or tomorrow) I am going to experiment with a brussel sprouts and bacon salad/side dish. If it's good, I'll share that one, too!

    Thanks for the comment!


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