Sunday, January 23, 2011

Potay-to or Potah-to? Tomay-to or Tomah-to? Chicken or… Hen?

Posted by Lyndi

I just LOVE discovering something new.  I just LOVE to be stumped.  I just LOVE to be delightfully surprised. 

All 3 of these lovely feelings converged into one this week when I discovered something new at Allen’s Market in Bella Vista in the meat department. 

What was it?  Frozen hens.

That’s right a hen. 

I was intrigued and yet confused. 

First off, the packaging sucked me in (I am a sucker for cute packing!).  And then I thought, “What the heck is a hen?”  Of course, I know what a hen is, she is the one who lays me the eggs with the beautifully vibrant bright yellowish orange yolks each week. 

Why a hen versus a chicken?  Why is this called out?  Why do I care so much?

Instead of purchasing, I snapped a photo.  I wanted to know about this brand and it’s crazy hen label. 

First of all, let’s talk about the brand’s label:  Tip Top Poultry, Inc.

Founded in 1947 in Marietta, Georgia, they have remained family owned and operated.  I checked out their site and was surprised to see this posted:  “Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” - we embrace his words. Tip Top Poultry, Inc. seeks to honor God in how we run our business, serve our customers, treat our employees, and relate to our vendors.”


Another fact I learned about Tip Top is impressive, too.  

Did you know that Tip Top is the LARGEST baking and stewing hen marketer in the United States? 

This surprised me. 

In our neck of the woods it is all about Tyson, Pilgim’s Pride, and Smart Chicken.  Out West?  Add Foster Farms.  Out East?  Perdue Chicken.  And then there all the producers in-between.

But wait, I forgot.  Those are chicken producers.  Not HEN producers. 

A chicken can be male or female.  A hen is most definitely a mature female.  Which means they are large.  The ones at Allen’s Market are averaging 8-9 pounds and are $1.29 lb.  Much larger than the Smart Chickens I purchase each week.

How do they taste?

I wonder.  I am intrigued. Anyone know?

These hens are on my shopping list and next week I intend to find out!


  1. I'm intrigued, you'll have to let me know how a hen taste. And don't forget to share the recipe.

  2. I definitely will let you know! I purchased one Wednesday night and it is thawing out in my refrigerator. It will be ready to cook this weekend!!


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