Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spotlight on local food blogger: The Food Adventuress!

Posted by Lyndi

I am tickled pink, surprised, and tickled pink.

Let me explain…

Tickled pink?  Just discovered a newly launched local and authentic food blog.

Surprised?  Unbeknownst to me, I found out that my friend is the author.

Tickled pink?  Because my friend is the author!

Please join me in welcoming The Food Adventuress into our virtual lives!

This is an “authentic” food blog.   You can tell she has a lot to say and cannot wait to share with all of us.  But of course, I always want to know more, learn more, and understand more so we had lunch the other day and I asked her 3 questions.

nwafoodie:  Why The Food Adventuress?

Beth:  “I think of food as an adventure!  It wasn’t something I thought out.  I was stuck on that name and when I get my heart set on something, I do it!”

nwafoodie:  Are you Northwest Arkansas-specific?

Beth:  “The point to my blog is about the food adventure.  It’s more about the exploring, or in my case, the bumbling.  I will be posting not perfect foods created, I will be posting my colossal failures at cooking!  People are intimidated to cook when it has to be perfect and to look perfect.  That’s a barrier.  I think food should be fun.  Food should be adventuresome!”

nwafoodie:  I agree!  I never thought about posting my food failures… otherwise I would be posting every day! Ha!  So let me ask you this, what is your favorite food memory?”

Beth:  “I love that you asked what was my favorite memory and not my favorite food!  It’s a good one.  It was when I was eating outside the famous Shakespeare & Company in Paris at a food stand.  Their food stands specialize in croque monsieur and croque madame, which basically are open face ham and cheese sandwiches on true French bread with vegetables.  The French version of our Subway!  On the side was frites, or French fries, with Dijon mustard to dip them in.  It was an intense tasting Dijon that only the French in Dijon can master in that special way.  I think that is why it is my favorite memory, the smell of mustard in my nose, the sun resting on my cheek and an idyllic setting.  Heaven.”

Ahhhh... the joy of a food memory.  If you are up to a little culinary virtual adventure, take a minute or two and check out her blog, here.  Remember it is new so she is just starting to post her adventures. 

You can also follow her on twitter!

Happy browsing!


  1. Oh, Lyndi - the irony! I just came across this old post when I was looking for something else on your blog, and I laughed out loud that I had originally (nearly two years ago!) shared croque monsieurs/madames with you, and that's exactly what I lectured you on at the blackboard in my kitchen two months ago! So funny!

    It was fun for me to revisit the origin of my blog and even some of the changes since it has moved over to TheFoodAdventuress.com

    Thank you, my friend! You've always been a wonderful encourager and inspiration.


    1. That is ironic... and perhaps, destiny? :) Thank you and huge {virtual} hug!!

      I changed the links in this post to reflect your new blog address. Thanks for the reminder!



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