Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am back from two weeks of glorious vacation, with my heart lifted, spirit stirred, mind motivated, and well, refreshed.

Contentedly refreshed.

All summer long I watched my friends head off on summer vacation and I thought Hurry Fall, I need you

The wait was worth it.

I did miss you.

Let’s catch up.

There is so much to talk about. 

And share. 

And the food, the glorious food!  Oh my, you are in for a treat this year!

The foods and treats I marveled, ooohed and awhhhed over in travel this year can be easily be replicated:  smoked fish, snapper tacos, grilled fruit, Cuban-style black bean soup, empanada, cheesy jalapeno grits, and beet salad.

Look for these.  They are coming!

I also have a ba-zillion Northwest Arkansas treats to share with you:  tasting recommendations, burger reviews, everything-else reviews, and fantabulous giveaways.

We live in a beautiful land.

Here’s to Northwest Arkansas and the bounty to be discovered.

Let’s live life to the fullest!

Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. Love the picture:) Sounds like a blast! I am eagerly awaiting your the "treats" you mention...can't wait!

  2. Hi Shannon, thanks! I look happy, don't I? That's St. Pete Beach, in the adorable historic community of Pass-A-Grille.

    I want to be a snowbird now. :)

    Treats are coming!!!


  3. Ok, YES - I received. I think all is well.

    And YES - you look refreshed! Still can't believe we were in the same place at the same time!! Wasn't the food fantabulous? I, too, have a beet salad up my sleeve - we will have to compare and contrast!

    Lunch soon!

  4. Miss Beth,

    We are soul-sisters, it is the reason why we are so in-tune. :)

    Food and fellowship, soon!


  5. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  6. Hi Angie!

    Ooooo, anticipation!!!! :) Can't wait to share!



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