Monday, January 9, 2012

Clean your kitchen cookware by using Bar Keepers Friend.

I have a new friend who turns 120 years old this year.  

Her name is... Bar Keepers Friend.

She’s still looking pretty good. 

She’s a bargain for $1.72 at Walmart. 

She will clean your stainless steel, copper, brass, glass cooktop, porcelain, tile, and fiberglass.  Oh, and according to all the rave reviews on her facebook page, she’s fantastic at cleaning dry eraser boards.

She cleaned my copper-bottomed pan. 

Actually, my husband cleaned them for me.

BEFORE Bar Keepers Friend
DURING Bar Keepers Friend (scrub, Dennis, scrub!)
AFTER Bar Keepers Friend... oh me, oh my, I do declare that is spiffy shiny and just like new!

Thanks Dennis!

Hey, are you interested in a Bar Keepers Friend sample? 

Whenever someone on their facebook page asks about their products, they offer the following: “send your address to - we will mail you samples.” 

Go on… do it!

After browsing around, I discovered there is a giveaway going on right now for a full-size cannister that ends January 13th at ourdailygreenlife

Go right ahead, add your name to the list, too! 

Here’s an easy next step.  Head on over to Walmart and pick up a 21oz canister for yourself, in the All Purpose Cleaning section where Windex and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are located.  I found it for a measly $1.72 at the Bentonville Supercenter.  The liquid form is available on

There you have it.  Spruce up your cookware with Bar Keepers Friend.  

While you are at it (or your husband, child, or anyone you can get to do this for you is at it) sprinkle some cleanser in your stainless steel sink and viola! 

Look at you. 

You have a new shiny best friend.

Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. You know what else she'll do? Remove permanent Sharpie pen from painted wood cabinets! I'm no bar-keeper but she's my friend.

  2. Who knows when that bit of helpful information will save my life! THANKS for sharing Amy!


  3. Okay I had never even heard of that product! Great tip!

  4. Glad you like the tip! Now that you are in NWA.... you've got the world of Walmart at your fingertips!


  5. Thank you for sharing our giveaway, it's actually an entire gift basket of several of their products (and there still is another day to enter!) I cannot rave enough about this safe, natural cleaner! Great blog you have here, also...

    1. That is a heck of a giveaway!! Very cool and thanks, glad you found it!

  6. I usually keep this stuff under the kitchen sink :) ... it works amazing on keeping the stainless steel sink shiny looking ;) ! Rachelle McGowen


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