Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taste testers needed in Northwest Arkansas!


Your taste buds have an avenue to declare whether or not they think a new food item is disgusting, bland, lacking, so-so, yummy, delishy, earth-shattering, fantasmic, or downright should have it’s own section on the food pyramid!

That’s right... your taste buds are cordially invited to interview for a new position as taste taster extraordinaire!

Silliker, a food product testing company with an office in our area, is looking for panelists in the Northwest Arkansas area to participate in product testing for a wide variety of food and beverages.

All you have to do is request and complete a one-time survey that takes about thirty minutes that asks all kinds of questions regarding your food likes, dislikes, and allergies.  

Taste testings take about thirty minutes and can be scheduled over lunchtime.  Each testing you will receive a $20 Walmart gift card.  Not bad, eh?

Curious about how a testing panel works?

Tasting panels are a fascinating experience.  When I worked for Gallo Winery, before moving to Arkansas, I remember how over-the-top THRILLING it was to finally get selected as a wine taste tester.  They would usher us into a plain conference room with long rows of tables, greeted by a paper survey and, one by one, presented with sips of wine to evaluate.  We were provided with detailed instructions that made the testing easy and actually, fun.  

What's not to love about sharing your opinion about food?

Interested? Send an email to taste.tester (at) silliker (dot) com and request a survey. Or, reach out to me and I will make sure you get taken care of.  

I look forward to my first panel testing and can’t wait to hear about yours.  

Keep me posted!

Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. I emailed, let's hope they accept vegetarians!

    1. Silja, they specifically had a question that asked that on the survey!

  2. Do you know where their office is/ where taste testings would be held?


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