Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Northwest Arkansas food blogs you should be reading in 2012.

Okay Northwest Arkansas, are you ready for my 2012 recommended list of the best local food bloggers? 

I have 5 repeat sites from 20ll’s list and 5 new sites for you to explore, discover, and fall in love with!

Here they are {drum roll, please}...

1.  Our Everyday Dinners.  Congratulations Amy, you are a repeat!  Amy gave her site a complete overhaul this past year and it is smashingly beautiful!  If you haven’t visited her everyday meals and healthy recipes and checked out the new look, go give it a twirl!   

2. Eat Out NWA.  Don’s site is on the list for a second year in a row!  He continually gives honest restaurant reviews for local eats all around Northwest Arkansas.  Don’s is taking a sabbatical from his blog at the moment but don’t let that deter you… there is PLENTY of great reviews in his vast archive that are timeless and worth the browse time. 

3.  The Food AdventuressIt seems like everybody is getting a makeover, and Beth’s well written food blog about her “kitchen affliction” is the latest food blog revamp in NWA.  Beth easily makes this list again… especially since she has recently refocused her time and attention and is posting like crazy!  She also changed her blog address, so be sure to click on this link and re-save it in your favorites.  

4. Now that’s Cookin.  What can I say about Frank?  You want to latest news to all the food events happening in NWA?  Go hang out on Frank’s site and facebook page and you’ll be the expert within your inner circle in no time!  Frank is extremely supportive of the NWA food scene and has a wealth of restaurant reviews at your fingertips.  Congrats to Frank for a second year on the list!

5. Mealtime Mama, is a blog located within a blog.  This is the food-solution center for the wildly popular site, NWAMotherLode. Shannon and Gwen keep the posts flowing by reaching out to the community for fresh material.  There are times that I am convinced they are posting four times a day!  Even if you aren’t a “Mama,” this site has recipes that appeal to the kid in all of us.

6. Cucina Girl.  Northwest Arkansas received a blessing last fall when Elizabeth and her husband relocated to our neck of the woods.  I remember the day I received a twitter follow from her and saw her location as NWA and was shocked. “How could I have missed this beautiful blog?” I marveled.  After quick virtual introductions I quickly learned of her transplant to our neck of the woods.  Cucina Girl is heavy on the Italian and will blow you away with her creative recipes.  I hope your first year has exceeded your expectations, Elizabeth! 

7. Recipe Doodle.  If the word “doodle” doesn’t grab you, the treasure trove of culinary delights that are featured in this blog, will!  Over the past year, I had three of you recommend Ceri’s blog and yes, yes, yes, I agree, this blog is adorable!  Her recipes are easy to follow and drooooolicious. You won’t get bored visiting this site, I guarantee it.

8. Gluten Freedom. Guess what this blog is about?  Yep, all things gluten-free!  You know I have a soft spot for all of you who are living sans the G-word.  Ironically, about this time last year when I came off a gluten-free lifestyle, Dana debuted her blog.  If you or someone you love needs advice or simply a local "friend" who can help guide the way, Gluten Freedom is your blog.

9. The Bastard Chef.  Don’t let the name fool you because Sam is a good guy.  His posts are few yet they always make me question why I am not experimenting a little harder in the kitchen.  Sam blogs when he finds his muse and when he does… get ready!  Engage him in twitter whenever you want an honest opinion on all things food:  reviews, waitresses, cocktails, or recipes.  He’ll always make you think.

10. Dining With Debbie.  Debbie spends half of her time dining in Northwest Arkansas  living the retired life on Beaver Lake and the other half in Benton, Arkansas.  As soon as her husband retires, she is one of ours… full time.  In the meanwhile, don’t let the half-residence fool you.  Debbie posts regularly about her food adventures here in our  beautiful Ozarks. Follow her journey and you’ll fall in love in no time.  Welcome home, Debbie!

I hope you enjoyed the list and discovered something new. 

I want to THANK YOU for reading my blog, commenting, referring it to your friends and family, and providing input to make it better.  I appreciate you so much!

Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. Can not wait to check this out and hopefully I will be meeting some of the authors at AWBU!

    1. I know for sure that you will meet Amy from Our Everyday Dinners! Of course, you already know Beth from The Food Adventuress and Shannon from Mealtime Mama/NWA Motherlode. Most likely Debbie from Dining with Debbie will be there.

      Now I just need to talk to Ceri, Dana, and Elizabeth about AWBU so you (and everyone else) can meet them, too!

  2. I'm going to be there:) Thanks for including me on this list and on the panel at AWBU. I am really humbled to be in such delicious company:)

    1. Yea!!! So glad you are going to be there... AND... on the panel!! Keep the great posts coming!

  3. This is a great list. I just discovered 7 NWA blogs I didn't even know about!
    Congrats to Amy. Her blog is one of my favorites!

    1. Wow, 7 new ones? That's fantastic!

      I agree, Amy's site is pretty fantastic.

      Thanks Stephanie!!

      P.S. Evolved Mommy needs more food posts!!!

  4. You guys! I think I'm about to cry. Stop it!! So sweet. Thanks so much.

  5. Love this list!! So helpful and now I'm HUNGRY!! :-)

    1. Well GOOD, my job is done! :)

      Glad you like the list... so do I!

  6. Replies
    1. I know, right? Be sure to reach out to them (us) when you need them (us).


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