Monday, July 2, 2012

The #BlacklistedFromThePTA signature cocktail drink... let's celebrate!

*** #6 Alicia, you are the lucky winner of the #BlacklistedFromThePTA autographed book or free kindle download!  Congratulations ***

Ready to celebrate? 

Independence Day is merely two days away, summer is in full swing, gardens are flaunting their abundant bounty and let’s face it -- every day in July is a reason to celebrate!

July brings us another reason to celebrate because it is birthday month for Blacklisted from the PTA, a humorous essay book from local Arkansan blogger and all-around super gal pal, Lela Davidson.  For every day this month, Lela is featuring local and national bloggers to help her celebrate her one-year anniversary since the launch of her book. 

Her book makes me laugh.

Seriously, who doesn’t like to sit back, kick up their feet, and have a good hearty laugh?

Sooooo… in honor of her celebratory birthday month, I created Lela a signature cocktail drink.  I wanted something sweet, yet bold.  Light, yet strong.  Summery, yet timeless.  Something "Lela."

Introducing… “The PTA.”

The PTA drink is the perfect summer drink. Put this on your July to-do list.  

I am not kidding. It's that good.

“The PTA” signature cocktail
Source: nwafoodie
Serves 1


P = peaches ( ½ peach + slice for garnish)
T = tonic (for the “bubbly”)
A = Absolut vodka, 2 oz (yeah, make it count)
½ oz simple syrup
sugar for garnish


1. Coat the rim of a double old-fashioned glass with water and then dip in sugar.  Add ice to glass and set aside.

2. Cut peach in half. Cut up and place in cocktail shaker.  Take muddler (or wooden spoon) and work peach into mush-like consistency.

3. Add simple syrup and ice to cocktail shaker. 

4. Shake until you can’t stand holding the shaker anymore because it is so cold to the touch.  Brrr… but worth it, trust me.

5. Pour into glass.

6. Top with tonic to the top of the glass.  Don’t stir.  This drink is about layering to bring out the greatest flavor combinations.

7. Lastly, add your peach garnish to rim and kick up your feet. Read a good book.  Here's a suggestion...

Now you can sit back, kick up your feet, and laugh, too… because I have a *giveaway* for a lucky someone!

Interested in your very own *free* Blacklisted from the PTA book or kindle edition, signed by Lela herself? 

Leave a comment below if you are interested and I will pick one winner via randomizer.  Contest ends this Saturday evening, July 7, at midnight CDT.  Good luck!

Be sure to check out Lela's month of celebration on her blog, After the Bubbly.  Every day brings a new story.  Mine just happened to bring on the bubbly!

Happy birthday, Blacklisted from the PTA and congratulations, Lela!  Thanks for doing Arkansas proud!

Happy July everybody!
Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. Sounds delicious & I love the step by step visuals!

    1. Thanks Linsay... and yes! It IS delicious!!!! You have to try and it tell me what you think. :)

      Thanks for the comment, you are officially entered in the giveaway.


  2. Mmmm. Tasty! My brother's best friend's dad works for Stirrings so we used to have tons of the stuff around our house. I had no idea they made tonic though!

    1. Oooo... keep that connection! Time to invite them over for the next family dinner!

      You're in the running now, thanks for the comment!


  3. I'm interested in the book! And I will have to try that drink in about 6 months...


  4. This drink looks AWESOME (and dangerously good)! I just had a conversation with a friend about how great Arkansas peaches what a great combination this would be!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. It IS dangeously good -- and good for you since you will be imbibing in your daily fruit allowance. :)

      You're in the contest! Good luck Kelly!

  5. I love this recepie!! and the furniture. By the way....does that go with the drink????


    1. ha ha ha Perhaps!

      Let's get together soon and chill with one of these!

      Good luck in winning the awesome book by lela!

  6. I love fruity drinks. I bet I would like this! Alicia

    1. I KNOW you would love this! In fact, next time you come over... I will make it for you!

  7. Would love the book. AND a getting together sounds like a great idea to try this drink. Sounds yummy. They always taste better when sharing with friends.

    1. I can see that I am going to have to have a HUGE PTA party!!

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Good luck in winning the book!


      P.S. It is crazy-yummy.


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