Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chef’n strawberry Stem Gem rocks, who’da thunk it?

I am so ashamed.

Shamefully I scoffed at this kitchen gadget for years.  Years!  “Silly, silly, silly strawberry gadget,” I would smugly muse to myself.  “Look how corny-campy you are, trying to be all look-at-meeee-I-am-a-strawberry.”

Let me redeem my shameful self by letting you in on a secret.

This strawberry huller, the StemGem, from Chef’n rocks.


Recently we were at Alicia's, my sister-in-law, house.  “Hey, Lyndi, want to use this strawberry huller and prep the strawberries?”  She innocently asked.

The mean-girl voice inside of me started silently mocking.  “Silly, silly, silly strawberry gadget.  She fell for its cuteness trap.”

No longer a shameful mocker, I am a convert.

I drank the cool-aid and I am obsessed!

You may be thinking a paring knife is fine and dandy and does the trick well enough.  You may think that but you are wrong, dead wrong.

As was I.

With a quick pump release of it’s prong, you easily slip it in and twist off the stems to reveal a perfectly presentable and uniform fruit.

After dinner at Alicia’s, I went to Williams-Sonoma at Pinnacle Promenade the very next day and bought it.

It is so simple and wonderful and at just $7.95 it will not break the bank.

I will be less skeptical in the future.

I promise.

Here, check out the how-to video from the Chef’n website.

Happy 4th of July!
Eat well, my friends.  Eat well.



  1. I really want one of!

    1. ... jump on over to Williams-Sonoma and get one already!! Happy 4th Kevin!

  2. I've seen it but just couldn't bring myself to adding another gadget to my kitchen utensil junk drawer. With this glowing review I might just have to give it a shot. Until then I'll stick with my drinking straw method.

    1. I was the same way! It is great for tomatoes, too. It might make that coveted spot in the drawer, after all!

      Drinking straw method? Tell, tell!


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