Sunday, October 21, 2012

An attractive way to store your mushrooms and berries.

nwafoodie anthropologie blue farmers market basket

Good morning!

Remember when I shared with you the inside of my refrigerator?  Don’t judge me but I believe a fridge is just another location in a home to decorate, reduce clutter, and even admire.  Yes, a clean fridge and freezer can be an inspiration.

I like to make mine look pretty and inviting.  Do you?

Did you know that Anthropologie opened up a shop in Utica Square in Tulsa?  If you have never been, hurry (after reading this) and head on over to their website and browse for yourself.  The site will give you a feel for its flair.  This is an upscale treasure shop with constantly revolving treasures. I love to browse their kitchen gadgets and house ware items.  Most are uber expensive but sometime you come across something you just cannot live without.

On a recent trip I immediately pounced on this attractive porcelain farmer’s market basket.  Of course, I had to have the magical blue color for myself yet the other colors tried desperately to seduce me.  Okay, I purchased a small white one, too.  I confess.  

photo courtesy from anthropologie

I wonder, does this cute basket look like something you would want to see each time you opened your fridge?  

It is perfect for storing cherries, berries, and yes, mushrooms.  I use my large one for mushrooms and my small white one for fruit.  No longer do I have to worry about mushrooms getting slimy underneath the plastic packaging they are shipped in.  Mushrooms will easily last a week in the fridge stored like this.

Don't worry... you don't have to plan a trip to Tulsa.  They are available online.  You lucky duck.

What about you?  Do you repackage any of your fruits or vegetables once you bring them home from the grocery?  Do you ever place them in a unique container just because it looks nicer?  Or, because you know it is easier to snack on them if they are more accessible? 

If we just take a second to look around at the rethink the ordinary, something is just begging us to upgrade it from the crisper drawer.

What’s begging you?


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


  1. Similar baskets are sold at Kohl's as part of the Food Network line, and the price is better.

    1. Thanks for the tip!

      I also saw them on for 6/$24!


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