Friday, November 30, 2012

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette made my pantry famous.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Personal Space photo shoot
photo courtesy of David Gottschalk/NWAONLINE
And it’s getting so arrogant and hoity toity and demanding that I replenish it more often.  


Every Saturday the Arkansas Democrat Gazette highlights a favorite personal space in their HomeStyle section and my pantry (along with yours truly) was in the latest issue!  It was a blast to be interviewed by Arkansas Democrat Gazette reporter Tracy Rogers and then photographed and filmed by nwaonline photographer David Gottschalk.

nwafoodie lyndi fultz personal space
David goes in for a close up
nwafoodie personal space article
Now he sizes up the long shot (yikes! don't look at the missing baseboards and plugs, I moved in 4 days earlier!)

Basically, they asked me where in my home is my favorite space.  My answer?  My pantry!  It is a tiny tiny closet that Dennis remodeled so I could walk in and have floor to ceiling access to spices and essentials.  Beth at the Food Adventuress’s pantry inspired me and soon I will post her kitchen tour so you can be inspired, too.

I love it.  My pantry is tiny and efficient.  Less can easily give you more if you rethink a space.

Click here to see the short video they had me do on the spot.  You will see my OCD coming through as I “fix” a container that obviously was out of my place.  Don’t you just love seeing your ticks highlighted?  Mine cracked Dennis up.  Typical Lyndi.

The cool thing about the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (besides the weekly Saturday “Personal Space” piece) is that they have an augmented reality feature imbedded throughout their print and online edition.  If you see the +PLUS logo next to an article that means there is a video feature that accompanies the article! 

How awesome is that?  All you have to do is download the app along with your subscription.


If you like to see food-related video examples of the +PLUS app, check out these videos:

From the egg to the table: A Cargill Turkey

Apple tasting at Root Elementary School

Moms on the Farm

Happy app browsing on the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and nwaonline!  

I hope you enjoyed the tour.


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


  1. How cool is that!? Congrats and good work! Someday I want you and Beth to come and "optimize" my kitchen. I have a pantry and a lazy susan corner cabinet, and the two of them are overwhelming me!

    1. It's funny that you say that because Beth and I talked about how much fun it would be to have a business that does just that!

      What some advice? First step is to eliminate duplicates of what you don't reallllly need and set it aside for awhile. If you find you don't need it after all, donate it away!

      Also, Michael Pollen's "food rules" helped me to pare down my pantry essentials to less processed foods. Those packages are bulky! That eliminates a lot of junk! Not that you have junk but I sure did!

      You're only a hop, skip, and jump away. Beth and I should do it (or at least get together with you!).

  2. A pantry would totally be my favorite place,too. Yours is lovely. And, I'm totally going to tell people that I know you personally ;)

    1. Thanks {gina}! And I am going to tell people that I know YOU personally, when Oprah picks up your story! Plus, you are so darn cute!


  3. Hi, Lyndi,

    Sorry I never got back with you about the PDF of the story. I just sent you an email about that actually. Anyhow, I love that you shot David while he was setting up. Too funny.

    Take care,

    1. No worries about the .pdf! I took a photo of the paper, so viola! Done!

      Thanks again for the interview and introducing us all to the 'Personal Space' column! It just seemed right that David be part of the story. :)

  4. You are just the sweetest thing! Thanks for your sweet words. I love, love your pantry and the kitchen that goes with it! I am looking forward to the grand tour:)

    1. And I look forward to sharing the grand tour with you!!! Thanks Debbie!

  5. pretty!!! I cannot believe how cool you are. I've never done anything like that

    1. Thanks @ohsweetbasil! BTW, I am sooo not cool. And never have I done anything like that before either!

      I love your blog and look forward to your posts!


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