Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taste testers needed in Northwest Arkansas!


Your taste buds have an avenue to declare whether or not they think a new food item is disgusting, bland, lacking, so-so, yummy, delishy, earth-shattering, fantasmic, or downright should have it’s own section on the food pyramid!

That’s right... your taste buds are cordially invited to interview for a new position as taste taster extraordinaire!

Silliker, a food product testing company with an office in our area, is looking for panelists in the Northwest Arkansas area to participate in product testing for a wide variety of food and beverages.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Orzo, yellow squash & chicken soup with rubbed sage.

I’ve been craving soup lately.  


Surely it’s not just because it is raining.  That would be too… cliché.   Yet, here I am, talking to you about soup.  Not just any soup.  Brothy, fully satisfying and gorgeously sensual soup.

How do you feel about a soup that is one-part soup, one-part casserole, and one-part KA-POW!

Yeah, now I’ve got your attention.

For some reason I’ve been daydreaming about a thick chicken and rice soup.  On the verge of dumplings.

And then… I saw it… the recipe that tugged at my heart strings… and answered my cravings.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Are you “tweating” what you eat?

Have you heard of the term “tweating” yet?  Tweating is tweeting what you eat.  

The Hartman Group just released an insightful study that says that 32% of us tweet while we eat.  Mostly as we are happily eating or drinking at home and occasionally while splurging and dining out.  Apparently, according to the study, lunchtime is our top tweating occasion.

In the future we may chuckle at this statistic. 

We may find it, well…. quaint. 

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