Thursday, May 31, 2012

#Bean2Blog: Meet your community.

Photo credit: Kelly Stamps

Pour yourself a nice cool drink and pull up a chair or get comfy on the couch and head on over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers site where I guest posted on the #Bean2Blog event yesterday.

You are going to want to hear all of their stories.  I guarantee you will find a friend or two in the process.

I know I did.

Happy Reading!


Friday, May 25, 2012

#Bean2Blog: “Learn, share, teach, and continue building on lessons.”

nwafoodie P Allen Smith PAllenSmith Moss Mountain Farm soybean #bean2blog

And so Tuesday kicked off with those instructions by Mr. P. Allen Smith himself, as I and nineteen other excited Arkansas bloggers looked forward to gaining an education about the humble Arkansas soybean.

It’s hard to be humble when you are called “the miracle bean.”

It’s hard to be humble when you are one of Arkansas pride and joy bushel crops, bringing in 122 million bushels of soybeans last year valued at $1 billion.

It’s hard to be humble when you are just so stinking versatile.

It was an inspirational day. 

First of all, the event was called #Bean2Blog.  You may have seen that hashtag sporting up all over the place, including on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

Secondly, the event was organized by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, along with their partnership with P. Allen Smith to encourage Arkansans to harvest the potential of soybeans.

We gathered at P.Allen’s Garden Home Retreat outside of Little Rock.

Monday, May 14, 2012

French Metro Antiques is packed with foodie treasures. Oui!

Bonjour!  I am feeling very French today! 

Did you know that we have a French treasure trove to explore in our very own backyard?  French Metro Antiques on Dickson Street in Fayetteville will satisfy your inner Francophile.  Put it on your to-do-right-away list.

What is the foodie connection, you ask?

Tucked throughout the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous antique store are kitchen gadgets and accessories. Believe me, I possess massive spending restraint each time I go in this store.  What’s not to love about charming wine racks, hammered copper cooking pots, and candlestick holders?  Seriously, if you want to add a special touch to a remodel or add that perfect I-must-have-this-instant-ambiance, French Metro Antiques is your place.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cuppow for your mason jar is a BRILLIANT gadget!

Hello friends.  I found something really clever for you.

It is a cuppow.

On two random occasions over the years I have observed local folks carrying mason jar full of iced coffee and iced tea. 

Lid on.  Ready to sip.

I thought it was quirky.  Yet… resourceful. 

Twitter is resourceful, too.  Recently BHK Kafe tweeted to a company who makes a product called cuppow.  They have designed a lid that turns a canning jar into a traveling mug.  I jumped in the conversation and checked out the product myself.  

Immediately, I purchased two.

This gadget is brilliant.

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