Friday, February 22, 2013

Five foodie finds for Friday, February 22nd.

nwafoodie five foodie finds for friday

Hello my foodie friends, here are five more foodie finds for you to enjoy.

Beige ladle rest. Are your spoon rests currently letting you down?  Mine work fine when it comes to the wooden spoon and a spatula, but for my ladle?  Forget about it.  It’s like playing utensil gymnastics and is all fun and games until the ladel hits the counter.  If you are like me, this ladle rest is intriguing for its shape and the interior ledge to hold the ladle in place.  Great price, too.

Microplane pink Himalayan sea salt shaver set.  Regular white table salt is so yesterday.  It seems like everywhere you turn around a new type of sea salt hits you in the face… and they all intrigue me.  How about you?  If so, make the pure pink Himalayan sea salt your next choice and bundle it with Microplane’s specifically engineered grater than is built to handle the hardest of salts.  Nothing says, “Wow, you’re a foodie” when you whip this tool out and deftly grate salt over your finished dish.  Your guests will be impressed. Guaranteed.

Doodles at Breakfast placemat.  Trying to get your kids to enjoy breakfast more?  Scratch that, trying to enjoy it more yourself?  Or, determined to be more light-hearted in 2013?  This fun product can handle all three of those bucket lists. 36 tear-off placemats allow you to doodle and release the inner-child in you as you merrily munch your granola.

Swissmar fondue set.  Fondue is more than melted, calorie-laden, artery-clogging cheese.  Have you ever had broth-based fondue with cooked meats?  It’s fantastic and highly recommended.  This fondue set is heavy cast-iron on the outside and enamel coated in the inside for easy clean up.  Make this the year where you embrace the fondue-foodie within you.

Cooks Illustrated weekly free newsletter. You may know them from the PBS show called America’s Test Kitchen or the Cooks County magazine.  I just know them as my favorite go-to online source for learning how to cook just about anything.  Their online service has a fee yet their weekly newsletter is free. For example, today’s edition explains how to “hunt for the crispiest, crunchiest, crackliest fried chicken” and how to cook “easy caramel cake, spanakopita, and roasted butternut squash soup.”  Sign up today, it’s free.  But I am warning you... you will get hooked and subscribe.  It’s inevitable.

Do you know of something that you think I should share for the next 5FFFF?  

Happy Foodie Friday!


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


  1. Love Cook's Illustrated and their in-depth articles. I have ambitions to cook my way through their Best-loved volumes. Maybe if I live to be 200! Happy day:)

    1. Okay, may you live to be 200 because that is a good enough reason to live that long if I ever heard of one!

      I love everything about Cook's Illustrated... especially their pen & ink drawings. I love how they test, test, test, and test every possibility of ingredients and cooking methods to find out which one works the best. Are you one of their Test Kitchen panelists? I am, let me know if you are interested and I will hook you up!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? It's a mixture of old-fashioned format with state-of-the-art techniques... what's not to obsess about that?!!

      PS:: Love your blog and am so glad you stopped by!! Everyone... go check out today!


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