Friday, February 15, 2013

Five foodie finds for Friday!

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Hello my foodie friends, here is something fun for you to discover today.  Make that five.

Chestnut tree honey. Be still my heart. Who wouldn’t want 8.8 ounces of dark aromatic French honey, produced by the fourth generation of the Gabriel Perroneau family based in Burgundy, France? Get this, according to the website, “the beehives go "on vacations" to selected French regions and gather the nectar of specific flowers to produce over 30 different varieties of honeys.” Seriously?  Okay, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid and the chestnut tree variety has won over my heart.

Washable produce bags.  They are like having insurance for your fruits and veggies.  You’ve heard me talk about this item before and they faithfully serve my household day in and out.  Washable, reusable, and make your crisper look snazzy, too.

Hollowed candles.  These are not your grandma’s candles.  Neatly packaged in a box of twenty, these classic tapers (9 inch high) have five holes running down the length of the candle.  Instead of dripping onto your table, the melted wax flows into the holes.  Each one burns for about seven hours.  With these you won’t have an excuse to not add a little candlelight to your dinner table each night.

Half-pint beer glasses.  The British know how to respect their beer and now you can, too.  At 10 ounces, they are ideal for serving smaller sized portions for yourself and your guests.  Adorable too.

 Two poached eggcups and two hard-boiled egg dishes.  We are keeping it local, folks.  The Homestead Flea Market in Rogers has this curious find just begging a Northwest Arkansas foodie to snatch it up.  For $1 you can have two classic poached eggcups and two hard-boiled egg plates. First person to make it booth #69 is the winner.

Happy foodie Friday!


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


  1. LOVE, love this post! What a great spin on foodie Fridays, my friend!

    And oh, that honey. And the bougies.


    Love that you frequent some of my favorite antique stores. So glad you find a little personal time there - one of my favorite "escapes!"


    1. I KNEW you would love the French goodies! You and I need a flea market date. :)


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