Monday, June 2, 2014

A delightful breakfast is waiting for you at Café Amici in Bella Vista.

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club veggie omelet (c)nwafoodie

Poor Bella Vista. It sorely lacks dining establishment choices.  It always makes me scratch my head trying to understand why there aren’t more options. You see, there are over 26,000 residents in the town, yet retail and dining choices can almost be counted on one hand.  Okay, make that several hands.  Dairy Queen, Sonic, China Buffet, Las Fajitas… you get the picture.

Okay, local food lovers, our wait is over. 

If you are the foodie who is constantly searching for a good (read: non-chain) breakfast joint, Bella Vista now as a restaurant that is bound to delight.

In January, Café Amici opened for business at the Bella Vista Country Club, located on the East Side just barely a skip off the main exit on Lancashire Boulevard, otherwise known as Highway 340. Almost immediately you will take a right on Cooper Road and a quick right on Club House Road. C’mon up, enjoy the short ride.

Cafe Amici - Bella Vista Country Club Cafe (c)nwafoodie

What is different about Café Amici? 
Two things:  The food and atmosphere.  Everything is homemade from the salsa to the potatoes to the biscuits and everything in between. Both times I have ordered the veggie omelet and it is crazy-stuffed full of fresh vegetables and jam-packed with perfectly sautéed mushrooms.  I am a stickler for mushrooms since so many places seem not to want to part with them.  Café Amici is liberal with their vegetables and their side dishes.

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club veggie omelet (c)nwafoodie

The last time I was there I ordered a cappuccino.  A new server was in training so I was within earshot of her learning experience.  What a lovely sound to my ears to hear that they were using fresh beans and grinding them up for my cup.  At $1.95 I fully expected instant.  What a delightful surprise!

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club cappuccino (c)nwafoodie

Let’s talk about the atmosphere, shall we?  The Bella Vista Country Club was built in the 1960s, designed by the fabulous and renowned architect, E. Fay Jones.  The building is a marvel of native rock and huge expansive windows.  In a word, gorgeous.

The restaurant has several layers of seating, including a bar, a patio, tables nestled up to the window to get a larger-than-life view of the golfers and scenery, and a separate section that would be perfect for a wedding, family reunion, or a big ol’ shindig. 

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club my table (c)nwafoodie

Cafe Amici Bella Vista Country Club tables (c)nwafoodie

Cafe Amico Bella Vista Country Club banquet (c)nwafoodie

The thing I really want to you know is this… this restaurant is both beautiful and incredibly delicious… yet I am afraid they will not make it because not too many people know about them.  Marketing seems to be zilch.  I want to do my part to help get the word out (FYI, I have zero connections or compensation from them).  Will you help me?

Do you have to live in Bella Vista or be a member of the Country Club?
All are welcome.
Now you can brag at your high school reunion that you are a regular at the Country Club.

What are the hours for breakfast?  Are they open every day?
They are open every day from 7am-8pm.
The sign says that lunch starts at 11am but they told me that they will keep serving breakfast (along with lunch) until 12:30.

I just realized that I have only talked about their breakfast.  Guess what?  They offer lunch and dinner, too.  Their focus is homemade Italian/Mediterranean complete with homemade ricotta.  

Certain holidays they may be closed as well as if there is a private function that takes over the building. Keep informed of special dishes and specials via their facebook page.  But other than that, their opening hours are generous and seating is ready for an army. 

All they need is folks to come and enjoy a meal. 

Happy breakfasting.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.



  1. I didn't know that new cafe they put into the country club had a breakfast option! Your omelet sounds AMAZING though. I'm a sucker for some great sauteed mushrooms. Mushroom fanatic right here. Thank you for the suggestion! I'd love to check it out sometime. :) There are so few dining options in Bella Vista....its' so sad.

  2. This looks like a great place to eat. Next time we visit Nathan and Janette, we may go there for breakfast...although Nathan is quite the chef! Good write up!

  3. I will add this place to our "to try" places for NWA --- always on the lookout, ya' know. I love, love the photo of the coffee cup. You must give me photography lessons:) Looking forward to our visit to Moss Mountain. It's always such a beautiful and fun place.


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