Friday, June 13, 2014

Are you an everyday or an authentic foodie?

I never considered myself a foodie until one day an acquaintance of mine made the statement to me, “I never knew you were such a foodie, Lyndi.”  He had been following me on twitter on my old handle, @lakebrittany, where there were an obsessive-compulsive amount of tweets related to dinner making, hungry statements, and lustful retweets of foods that made me talk about dinner making and hungry statements.  A few days before he said that, I attended a mommy blogger conference for work and was stunned at the underground world that was going on around me.  I wanted a blog, too.  Jason’s comments quickly determined that it was going to have the name foodie in it and since it was about explorations around Northwest Arkansas, viola, a blog was born.  I was now a proud foodie with a name that proved it.


Except that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts about the term foodie.  So many folks have tried to make it a gourmand slash snobby term yet it is neither of those.  Those terms are called gourmand and food snobs.  The way I think of it, a foodie is someone who has an above-average interest in foodstuffs.  Yes, that is a bit simplistic I realize.  What can I say?  I’m a simple girl. 

I think this infographic from the HartmanGroup illustrates it quite well.

Hartman-Group infographic everyday vs. authentic foodie nwafoodie


Except that I believe that an everyday foodie is pretty darn authentic. I know that many of you are extremely and overly passionate about your food choices and desires and I applaud the full range of interests you have.  I have heard some of you get just as excited over velveeta-based dishes as locally-sourced-farm-to-table dishes.  In the end, the heartfelt enthusiasm is the same. 

And I love that.

I would say I am a mixture of mostly everyday foodie with a touch of authentic foodie.

Which type of foodie are you?

If you curious about what else I think defines a foodie, check out my page dedicated to it.  Tell me what you think.   

Happy foodie-ing.

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.



  1. Well, I can definitely see myself as an Everyday Foodie since those characteristics describe me and my food philosophy quite well. However, I'm not once to back down from having some Authentic Foodie traits either. I don't think I'm an extreme eater -- but I might be enticed to give something a try:) I think food should be fun, flavorful, and a filler of the soul. Mostly for me, it is joyful. Thanks for the "foodie" chat and cause for introspection.

  2. Maybe both? Probably both. The funny thing about food is sometimes it just feeds the animal, you know? Just the body. But sometimes it feeds the soul in a sublime way. I think that's what I'm always looking for.


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