Friday, June 20, 2014

I feel good… about supporting local.

#farm2home14 #support local P.Allen Smith Garden Home nwafoodie Dining with Debbie busvlogger

I feel good… about supporting local.

I feel good… about spreading the word about supporting local.

I feel good… knowing that you support local, too.

I feel good… that Arkansas has a great resource for finding local gems called Arkansas Grown.

I feel good… that I got a chance to hear all about it at the Farm2Home event at P. Allen Smith’s farm on Tuesday.

I feel good… about showing you this video where our fabulous local Northwest Arkansas bloggers and other fantabulous Arkansas state bloggers show off their dance moves… because they feel good about local, too.

What happens at Farm2Home, stays at Farm2Home.


#farm2home14 #support local P.Allen Smith Garden Home Amy Our Everyday Dinners nwafoodie

Amy at, Fayetteville #local gem

#farm2home14 #supportlocal OneWorldPlate P Allen Smith nwafoodie
Peter at, Fayetteville, #local gem (boogie-ing with P. Allen Smith, #arkansas gem 

#farm2home14 #supportlocal P Allen Smith Lyndi Fultz nwafoodie
me (Lyndi) at, Bella Vista #local

#farm2home14 #supportlocal P Allen Smith James busvlogger nwafoodie
James at, Huntsville #local gem

#farm2home14 #supportlocal P Allen Smith DiningwithDebbie nwafoodie
Debbie at, Beaver Lake #local gem

#farm2home14 #supportlocal P Allen Smith Beth TheFoodAdventuress nwafoodie
Beth at, Rogers #local gem

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.



  1. Oh dear! I gotta' work on my groovin' and movin'��. So loved seeing you Tuesday and getting to learn more about our precious resource that we have in our local farms and farmers.

    Someone is going to blackmail all of us��

  2. Replies
    1. So much fun!

      Your comment about the kid asking about the salsa tree is amazing. I've already quoted it several times to family and friends.

      So glad we finally got to meet in person.

  3. This is just great!!! We never got to take a pic together - maybe next time! (Before it gets so hot and I'm not sweating!)

    1. We missed our opportunity, grrrrrr.

      Loved meeting you in person, finally!

  4. Nice! Looks like it was a great event. :)

    1. It was! Besides, it is a subject already near and dear to me.


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